Chocolate bites that are bound to boost your mood

We developed to ultimate vegan bonbons. They are creamy, dreamy delights. Some are chewy whilst others are crunchy, but they are all and melt-in-your-mouth amazing. Completely handmade and extremely addictive.

We use only fair trade chocolate and organic ingredients where possible. No additives, no unknown or unpronounceable items will be found in our list of ingredients! We use as little additional sugar as possible, but do not try to be sugar free - a little indulgence never harmed anyone! 

Our sweet treats can be ordered for home enjoyment or for re-sale at your own cafe or restaurant 


The drool-inducing options

~ Salty peanut swirl

~ Candied pecans and seasalt 

~ Espresso tahin

~ Orange tahin 

~ Thyme and blueberries

~ Toasted coconut and salted cashews

~ Salted date caramel swirl and macadamia nuts

~ White coconut choc with candied almonds and raspberry

~ White coconut choc with cranberries and corn crunch



Want to blow your customers away? Really upscale your whole business? Have charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-golden-tickety dreams come true? Great. Contact us about our wholesale prices and options, we're happy to stock your shop!


Okay, okay. You want to give your event that little something extra. The awkward end-of-year party, your wedding, your great grandmother's birthday or your pets barmitsvah. Anything is made just that little bit better with our chocolates, and we're so willing to take on the job!