Artisinal food concepts

The Concept Kitchen was created by Anna & Kiki, and reinforced by Sander & Victor. All of us have a passion for good food (duh!) and a love for handmade artisanal creations of all sorts. The urge to continuously create beautiful concepts brought us together. We wanted to build a brand where sustainability is key, and although we do not like being dogmatic AT ALL, we know that choosing to eat a mostly plant based meal on a regular basis is a way in which you cán contribute to a future proof planet - and enjoy doing it. No compromises on flavour here, promise!


At the Concept Kitchen, we create delicious, (mostly) healthy food. All our dishes are prepared without meat but with abundance of flavour.

We really, really REALLY love what we do. We are culinary creatives. We experiment with flavours, explore textures, combine colours and discover amazing new dishes. From our kitchen, to your table.

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Culinary Creative

Kiki is co-owner and the head chef & recipe developer at The Concept Kitchen. Prior to starting The Concept Kitchen, Kiki owned her own catering company, with corporate clients ranging from Patagonia to Facebook, but she also did festivals, weddings and celebrations of all sorts.  Initially she started as a vegetarian company - as she's been a vegetarian her whole life - but became more and more plant based. Soon she realized could inspire eaters from all walks of life!! 

Besides being an entrepreneur at heart, a great cook & an expert at creative recipe development, Kiki is also good at food styling. She's super interested in sustainability and how the way we feed the world can change the world. Having spent 15 years living in South Africa and having travelled a ton, has contributed to the way she views the world, the challenges we face but also the possibilities that lie in our wake. Feeding the future without compromising on flavour! 

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