Honest Food for All Occassions



Chocolate bites that are bound to boost your mood

We developed the ultimate vegan bonbons. They are creamy, dreamy delights. Some are chewy whilst others are crunchy, but they are all and melt-in-your-mouth amazing. Completely handmade and extremely addictive.

We use only fair trade chocolate and organic ingredients where possible. No additives, no unknown or unpronounceable items will be found in our list of ingredients! We use as little additional sugar as possible, but do not try to be sugar free - a little indulgence never harmed anyone! 

Our sweet treats can be ordered for home enjoyment or for re-sale at your own cafe or restaurant 

Image by FitNish Media


Anytime is pie time

Our pies are inspired by the pies in South-Africa, in particular the padstal type. Padstal is a roadside farmstal, which really is an amazing opportunity to take a break from the long journey and replenish yourself. The pies are hearty, filling and flavourful, and the same can be said of ours! The joy pies bring is really something amazing: they are sold in petrol stations as a quick meal, at midnight cafeteria and at michelin star hotels - the variations are endless. 

Our pies are all plantbased and pretty damn delicious! 

Would you like to stock them? Send us an email for our price list & flavour variations.



A Feast for any occasion

We cater for up to 100 people, for events ranging from office lunches & corporate functions to birthday feast & wedding celebrations.

If you send us an email or give us a call, we will tailor a menu for you accordingly. With our extensive knowledge of flavours & our passion for good food, we pride ourselves in creating menu's that really 'match'; where each dish compliments the next. 

The driving force being our kitchen is the idea that food can really be the connecting link between people. The vibrancy of colours, the abundance of flavours and whole experience of sharing a refined yet wholesome feast with people is really some kind of magic!